Discover the complete Seed to Food Chain at VIV MEA and Horti Agri Next MEA 2023 in Abu Dhabi


Utrecht, September 7, 2023

The animal farming, agricultural, and horticultural sectors are gearing up for transformation at an unprecedented pace. Against this backdrop, VIV MEA 2023 and Horti Agri Next MEA 2023 (HAN MEA) are poised to emerge as pivotal events within the Abu Dhabi Agriculture Food and Security Week. Scheduled for November 20-22, 2023, at the ADNEC Venue in Abu Dhabi, these co-located events aim to revolutionize agriculture across the Middle East and Northern Africa by offering a platform for professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders to connect, learn, and thrive.

Animal Protein Production meets Cultivation: A Fusion of Possibilities

The co-location of VIV MEA 2023 and HAN MEA 2023 offers a unique opportunity to explore the entire agribusiness industry’s spectrum. These events emphasize the interconnectedness of animal production, precision farming, rural cultivation, and advanced horticultural techniques. By showcasing how advancements in one sector can catalyze innovations across the entire food production supply chain, the two trade shows hold particular significance in a region striving to enhance food self-sufficiency.

A Showcase of Innovation: VIV MEA 2023

VIV MEA 2023 serves as a platform for agricultural innovation, with a specific focus on the animal livestock value chain. This event highlights cutting-edge technologies and solutions, ranging from automated processes that streamline production to sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Cultivating Connections: Horti Agri Next MEA 2023

The first edition of HAN MEA 2023 offers a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the world of advanced horticulture. The event explores precision growing, smart irrigation, vertical farming, and more, fostering collaborative connections between researchers, growers, and technology providers to drive the horticultural industry forward.

Unveiling Expert Insights

Both events feature extensive speaker and expert programs. Industry thought leaders, researchers, and pioneers will share insights through seminars, workshops, and panel discussions. Notable speakers include Henry Gordon-Smith, CEO of Agritecture, moderating AgritectureXchange, a panel discussion series addressing agricultural hot topics in the region. Additionally, experts from Dutch Green House Delta, Hub Orange, and Wageningen University will provide invaluable insights.

The Poultry Marketing Roundtable (PMRT), now in its 3rd edition, brings together stakeholders to discuss and address future uncertainties in the poultry industry. As the future unfolds with smart cities, smart marketing, and smart farming, PMRT seeks solutions to emerging challenges.

Held the day before VIV MEA 2023, the Aquafeed Extrusion & Nutrition Conference is a one-day event focused on aquatic feed production, extrusion, nutrition, and aquaculture. Covering various aquafeed topics, this conference provides valuable knowledge, solutions, and research for aquaculture professionals.

Taking Action: Registering for Transformation

Attendees can be part of this transformative journey by registering online, ensuring access to conferences and panel discussions of their choice. This streamlined process maximizes the value participants derive from VIV MEA 2023 and HAN MEA 2023, enabling them to absorb every insightful session, forge valuable connections, and explore innovative solutions.

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