We have found that from the email address creditcontrol@jaarbeurs.ml false VIV ASIA 2023 invoices from Jaarbeurs are sent to exhibitors of (previous) VIV worldwide exhibitions. The invoices are false and misleading and not from Jaarbeurs.

We strongly advise you not to respond to such invoices/emails. For the sake of completeness, we would like to inform you that there is no collaboration or connection between Jaarbeurs B.V. and the sender of these false invoices. We have also reported this to the police and reported to the Acquisition Fraud Hotline.

We suspect that the sender of the mailings takes over the address details of exhibitors from old exhibition catalogs and exhibition-related websites of Jaarbeurs. We assure you that Jaarbeurs does not cooperate in any way with the sender of these false invoices and that no exhibitor data has been provided to it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at service@jaarbeurs.nl.