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Horti Agri Next Asia focuses on the latest products, innovations, and advancements in the fields of horticultural food production, landscaping, controlled environment practices, environmental conservation, arable land planting, harvesting, and processing of crops, as well as land and water resources management and new enhancing technologies.

The show is located in Bangkok, Thailand and aims to be the leading platform for industry players to display their latest products and services, establish new partnerships, network with key stakeholders in the ASEAN region, educate and spread knowledge, and have scalable farming and agriculture solutions at the forefront. The show and its partners promote sustainable practices that benefit the region’s industry, environment, and socioeconomic development.

co-located with VIV Asia

Horti Agri Next is co-located with VIV Asia,  in order to offer a comprehensive platform for the agriculture and livestock production chain. This integration provides a one-stop-shop for industry professionals, suppliers, and buyers, with unparalleled opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.


visitor profile

  • Growers, Farm Managers, Integrators
  • Government officials, Engineers, City Planners
  • Investors
  • Dealer/ Distributor/ Importer/ Trader
  • Propagator, Breeder 
  • Agricultural Cooperative
  • Agricultural Government Agency
  • Contractor/ Machinery Service Provider
  • Trade/ Farmer Organization
  • Exporter/ Manufacturer
  • Research & Development
  • Wholesale Business and Distribution
  • Retail Business
  • Food Processor

exhibitor profile

  • Conveying, Grading, Sorting
  • Crop Protection
  • Cultivation, Ploughing and Tillage Equipment
  • Disease Management
  • Genetics, Breeding, Seed Improvement
  • Greenhouse Technology, Plastic Film, Tunnels
  • Growing Crop (Fruit, Vegetable and Other)
  • Harvesting, Lifting, Chopping, Mowing Technology
  • Irrigation & Drainage, Water Management
  • Measuring and Weighing Equipment for Plant Production
  • Mechanization
  • Planting, Cultivating and Harvesting Equipment
  • Postharvest Technology (Monitoring, Sorting, Storage, Packaging, Transport)
  • Preservation and Storage, Cooling, Drying, Silos, Mills
  • Produce Processing Technology
  • Soil, Substrates, Fertilizers
  • Vertical Farming