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Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) is a powerful international platform representing the strength of the Dutch Horticulture sector, and promoting Dutch horticulture worldwide in order to identify and accelerate opportunities. It’s a foundation under which various partners join forces and enable common growth. In doing so, we ensure that growth for the sector and its individual companies go hand in hand with providing solutions to an ever-increasing need to produce safe, healthy, fresh and affordable food sustainably and locally. We offer the entire horticultural eco-system of Fork2Farm, consisting of science, enterprise, education, and government, in several focus regions, such as the Gulf region.

PIB HortiRoad2theGulf

The Gulf region has the ambition to become more self-sufficient and produce more fresh and high-quality fruit and vegetables locally. Currently, much of the food required to feed the population is still imported from abroad, resulting in considerable food loss. Moreover, it also makes Gulf countries vulnerable to fluctuations in the availability of food supplies on the world market. COVID-19 only underlined what Gulf governments already knew: food security is a problem of the greatest urgency.

HortiRoad2theGulf is established to help the Gulf region to reach food self-sufficiency. In close cooperation with the Netherlands Embassies in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Doha, we aim to support the Gulf region in growing a competitive local horticulture sector. Through long-term partnerships and by sharing our extensive knowledge and innovative technologies, we collaborate with the Gulf region to improve food safety and reach food security. Together we can unlock the Gulf’s full horticulture potential.


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